Do your products contain nickel or metals?

The majority of our products will contain nickel. Nickel is one of the heavy metal impurities found in iron oxides but the levels are controlled to comply with EU Commission Directive 2008/128/EC which covers specific purity. Any of our products that contain any of the following CI numbers will contain nickel – CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499.

Titanium Dioxide undergoes the same processes as the iron oxide pigments do. None of the pigments can be classed as truly natural due to the processes carried out on them in order to remove the heavy metals. All pigments used including Titanium Dioxide comply with the EU regulations on heavy metal content and therefore are safe for use.  Our Titanium Dioxide is uncoated.

We only use minerals from highly reputable suppliers all of which meet European purity criteria for heavy metals and in some cases, where appropriate, comply with Commission Directive 95/45/EC for specific purity.

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