Are both grades anatas and rutil structures of Titanium Dioxide safe for use in cosmetics?

Yes, TiO2 in cosmetics can be used in nano and in non-nano forms.

In non-nanoform, it is worldwide used in both rutile and anatas ( e.g. PRETIOX AV01FG) structures to achieve whiteness, colour, opacity or brilliance to the product. The photoactivity of both forms is practically the same and what is important -very small because of the low specific surface ( only c. 10-15 m2/g ) comparing to photoactive TiO2 ( 100-300m2/g). Photoactive TiOwith a high specific surface are not used in cosmetics! 

Nano-form is used according to European legislative only in form of rutile ( e.g. PRETIOX UVS30) as an important active ingredient for sunscreen products. Nano-sized titanium dioxide, which is different and much smaller than pigmentary products of TiO2 in order to be transparent not white on the skin, not only manages to absorb and reflect incoming UV rays in a much more efficient manner, but it is also more stable than organic chemical UV filters, so you don’t have to reapply the sun cream as often. There is no evidence to suggest that nano-titanium dioxide would be harmful to the skin.

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